1. Why School Health Camps are important?

Maintaining health camps in schools facilitates the healthiness of the children studying there and these camps also offer health sessions for informing the kids about health related problems and solutions. Since, these camps are free of cost, the students’ health is benefited along with the awareness of nutritious and balanced way of living makes the students understand the importance of nourishment in their food that can help them fight modern day problems like obesity, anemia, etc. which are finding their roots to affect our younger generation.

2. Why Family N Health?

Family N Health believes in the welfare of school children as they are the coming future of our country. So, by taking health camps to each and every school, we make sure that every growing child is fit and fine and our doctors also tell the students about how they can add healthy diets to their lives to avoid any disease and ensure their wellness in the long run.

3. What are the services we provide?

For school health camps, a total of four services are made accessible to school children. We focus on imperative health areas by giving dental checkups, eye checkup, general health checkup and then holding a session to tell kids about the significance of nutrition in their food.

• Dental Checkup

The dental checkups involve a routine check of the oral well being of school children as we are aware of the sweet tooth that every kid has and that’s why our professional dentists test cavities and other dental problems during these checkups.

• Eye Checkup

As the technology is evolving more and more nowadays, our children are getting addicted to smartphones and android games that actually take a toll on their eye health by weakening eyesight. So, in our eye checkups, the doctors strictly examine the eyesight of all kids and then they also give advice regarding spectacles and glasses if needed.

• General Health Checkup

This service involves an overall medical checkup of all the students and the professional doctors also avail their suggestions if any health problem is detected.

• Your Nutrition
We consider the key role of nutrition in a growing kid’s life and that’s why our nutritionists give proper counsel to all the students and how they can eat nutritious food rather than the fast food most of the kids get addicted to.

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