Hello friends, today I heard about Facebook Instant Articles and tried to implement in one of my wordpress website. I tried to install plugin Instant Articles for WP as suggested in the facebook installation setup. I navigated through add new plugin and successfully located the plugin. But what happened is that, I am unable to install the plugin. It was throwing an fatal error that unable to copy some .png file.

I looked in google search but get nothing. Now i moved to manual installation. I downloaded the Instant Articles for WP plugin from the website and copied to my wp-content/plugins folder.

Now I just need to activate the plugin. I was happy but again got an error and what was that? That is a syntactical error. I am not a php boy, so was disappointed that this facebook way of earning is not for me.  I again research on google but got nothing but the github codes and list of errors.

Now I tried one thing to upgrade the php version to php 5.5 and this resolved my problem.

WordPress all features works only with php 5.5 and above versions.

If you are facing the same problem, change the php version to 5.5 and now activate the plugin.

Happy Coding….

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