Let’s be honest here guys, nothing is cooler in this world than a successful startup created from scratch. But contrary to that, these days, entrepreneurs are just coming with huge bank balance and promoting and marketing their products and services like wildfire and getting success overnight. Well, over 90% of such startups end up within a year. The reason is not quite far fetching. They got away with their emotions and not their business minds while starting and when they started to realize their faults, their business has reached its end. Today, we will look at the brighter side of things. They are going to take a look at the top entrepreneurs who you are unlikely to know. They are the ones who got the best out of their passion and business mind to build a fortress.


1 Kavin Bharti Mittal – I bet you don’t know the fact that Hike messenger is a Made in India product. And the credit goes to this young guy. He is the heir to the throne of Bharti group. This is one of the best Indian apps that is popular worldwide. He was never emotionally attached to the idea. He got the idea when he started to face a critical problem in his daily life. Just like most of us, he was tired of opening new apps to do one particular thing and then close it to go to another. Therefore, he finally decided to build one app where everything is possible. Now, that is what business mind is all about, solving real life problems and selling the solutions. The Hike is not just a normal messaging app, you can do a whole range of activities in it. That day is not far behind when Hike beats WhatsApp in India for good.

2 Richa Kar – Richa, just like any other engineer, started in MNC companies like I-flex, SAP and others. During one such project, she worked for Spencer where her business mind got activated like never before. She saw that big e-commerce players like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal never really promote lingerie and she being a girl knew that women are very shy when it comes to buying lingerie from shops. She just used this opportunity to beat Amazon and others in the race to open Zivame to become the biggest ever online lingerie retailer in entire India. Now that is what you call using the right opportunity effective. So for all those who are saying e-retail is crowded, maybe they need to look closely. The site also helps women to find the right size of lingerie for their figures

3 Ritesh Aggarwal – As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. At the age of merely 21, this guy founded OyoRooms. He was thrown out of a rented room because he was unable to pay the rent. He even slept on the stair of that house in the night. He was a college dropout and he had nowhere to go. Ritesh has very cleverly started a budget room site because he understood the need of it among common Indians. So, your education qualification does not matter to be successful in life, what matter is a clever braai and an eye to see through things that others cannot

4 Phanindra Sama – Here is another example of how to solve daily life problem and then sell the solution to be a millionaire. He is the founder of RedBus. He used to travel from Bengaluru to his hometown Hyderabad during holidays and he used to book buses. But more often than not, he never used to get the right bookings as there was no online platform to do so. So, he thought of taking the booking of buses online just like movies. That’s how he got started and gave India one of the most popular websites that truly helps and solved problems of millions. He sold it to Ibibo for whopping 100 million dollars

5 Bhavish Aggarwal – Well, his idea may not be innovative but you know how Bollywood movies steal the ideas from Hollywood movies and become the super-duper hit. He is the founder of Ola which is the biggest player is online car booking. Before he came up with the idea, Uber was so heavily popular in the US. He started the same service in India and caught the entire market share before Uber can invade. Now, ever Uber cannot touch Ola irrespective of the exceeding fund it is spending to catch the market and beat Ola. The business is valued at around 5 billion dollars. Enough said!

Passion never fails but it has to be backed by a clever mind, to be more precise a business mind!


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